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Schütze + Seifert goes new ways

We do things differently:

  • Talk to us: Your language should not be a hurdle!
  • Here you will immediately get a contact person and answers to your first questions.
  • You are our focus: It's about your professional future, not about collecting data!
  • Simply state your career aspirations instead of having to fill out time-consuming application forms and digital registrations.
  • We first offer the job perspective and then get specific if you wish: together we are sure to find the right job for you!

Your quick contact to Schütze + Seifert

Always there for you:

  • Just ask your questions and tell us what you have in mind for your new job.
  • Use the contact button to open the chat, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.
  • Leave us a message if you have a question.
  • You can also call us or write an email.
  • Select your visit date yourself via the appointment button: If you want, we are there for you.

The spirit of Schütze + Seifert

We care about your needs:

  • Your contact person is carefully selected and has a lot of experience.
  • Our many years of industry expertise will be your advantage.
  • You are not a record or a number, but a human being just like us.
  • We do everything possible for you and your new job. And we do it passionately and professionally every day.

The path leads to us...

and brings you to a new job!

We are constantly placing employees with a wide range of qualifications and backgrounds with our customers from industry, trade and the service sector. We are looking for employees and candidates with a commercial or technical background. Of course, we are also looking for those with less professional training or who want to change jobs for professional improvement.

Appointment Contact

What does this year hold in store?

Your dream job!

You are shaping your future, but you are not alone.
We at Schütze + Seifert are there for you,
when you are looking for a new job
and even afterwards, when you have already found your job.
We will advise you on any questions you may have and together we will overcome any challenges.
Because for us, finding a job is more than just signing a form.

Find your new job now

How advantageous!

Employee seeks employee:
We are counting on you - recommend us!

Since spring 2014, we have offered a bonus system for the successful placement of employees. Already a few weeks after the start of the employee campaign, good successes were recorded for the campaign.

Everyone involved benefits from the bonus system - the recruited colleagues in new employment, the awarded employees and Schütze + Seifert through the acquisition of new workers. We know from experience that satisfied employees are happy to recommend their employer in their personal environment. For a recommendation that leads to employment, employees receive 500 euros for a skilled worker or 250 euros for an unskilled worker.

In this way, we invest in our own employees and offer new professional challenges in attractive fields of work in the trades, production or engineering for skilled and unskilled workers.

Employee benefits at Schütze + Seifert:
Take advantage of exclusive purchasing benefits!

Why pay a lot of money when you can also save? As an employee with us, you benefit from exclusive shopping advantages with over 500 companies on our portal

Browse through the attractive categories or take advantage of one of the daily deals.

In our branches, you will receive special access to the site so that you can take advantage of the offers. If you do not yet have this access, simply contact your responsible contact person. We hope you enjoy the advantages we can offer you!

Always on the move with Schütze + Seifert:
We make you mobile!

Our customers are spread across towns and smaller communities in the middle of Germany - so the way to work cannot always be on foot, by bus or train.

But that doesn't matter, because we support our skilled workers from the trades and industry with company cars if they have a valid driving licence. The job you want and the happiness you desire.

You have questions or are looking for a job?
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Do you have questions or are you looking for a job? Then talk to us!
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