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For almost 30 years, Schütze Seifert has been serving industry, trade and commerce as well as the service sector with personnel of various qualifications. Managed by entrepreneurs, equipped with short lines of communication and state-of-the-art communication, we live constructive partnerships with our customers, employees and job seekers.

Employee leasing or temporary work, client or temporary worker: behind all this, there are always people with needs. We are aware of this. In its core business, Schütze Seifert works in the field of employee leasing and personnel placement. In our work as a personnel service provider, it is important to have qualified and reliable employees in our teams for deployment at the customer's or to be able to recruit such employees for this purpose.

Our three paths to your staff growth:

The classic supply of temporary workers:
Short-term staff shortage - limited in time; end of assignment = end of costs

Temporary employment with subsequent integration into your permanent staff:
mutual aptitude test through temporary employment - possible subsequent takeover

The classic personnel placement directly into your permanent staff:
defined search - concrete ideas - suitability - direct entry into your company

That's what modern personnel services do...

Temporary employment agencies also have permanent staff!

Did you know that compared to other companies in the industry, Schütze Seifert employs many temporary workers who have worked for you temporarily and for us continuously for more than 10 or even 20 years?

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