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Occupational health and safety

The health of our employees is a very valuable asset and must be preserved. That is why occupational safety plays a major role in our company and is an integral part of preparing our employees for each new job. In advance, all workplaces are subjected to a risk assessment. We pass on information about possible sources of danger to our employees in order to prevent accidents. The customer is responsible for on-site instruction in occupational safety at the workplace. Our employees have up-to-date knowledge in the field of occupational safety. The necessary training courses on the part of the accident insurance institution have been successfully attended by our supervising employees.

Information for companies

Schütze + Seifert may also supply SCC-certified companies. We fulfil the requirements according to question 11.3 of SCC document 003, which means that we can also positively confirm checklist 10.2 of SCC document 003. The required SHE examination of the temporary worker (document 16 SCC) after 3 months is also no problem. We organise training and testing through our own occupational safety specialist.

Permission according to § 25 Radiation Protection Act

The Kassel Regional Council grants Schütze + Seifert permission to work in external plants or facilities in accordance with § 25 of the Radiation Protection Act. The permit is granted for a limited period of time and is valid until 31.07.2026.

The employees employed are registered, receive detailed instruction and are examined by an authorised radiation physician as a precautionary measure. The official radiation passports are prepared and the so-called dosimeters are requested from the competent authority, with which the effective dose is measured monthly on the body and recorded by the authorities.

A corresponding contract is concluded between Schütze + Seifert and the plant operator or customer company, which comprehensively clarifies all questions in radiation protection and delimits the individual areas of responsibility of the radiation protection officers.

The contact person in matters of radiation protection is Mr. Pöttgen, who can be reached for questions under the telephone number 0661-92824-0. Our radiation protection officer according to § 70 StrlSchG is Dr. Annette Jung.

Our iGZ - / DGB - collective agreement

In negotiations between the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) and the Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies (iGZ), a collective agreement for the temporary employment industry was concluded on 1 January 2004. Our company is a member of the IGZ and has therefore undertaken to employ you on the basis of the existing collective agreement.

Important points of your employment contract are thus regulated by the collective agreement:

  • Your working hours per month in connection with a working time account
  • Your holiday entitlement per year and the regulation of special leave
  • your entitlement to bonuses, for example, for work on Sundays and public holidays
  • your entitlement to special annual payments such as holiday pay and Christmas bonus
  • Minimum requirements for remuneration per hour and the payment of assignment-related bonuses

Download here: iGZ/DGB collective agreement (from 2020).

With this IGZ - / DGB - collective agreement, Schütze + Seifert offers social security on a solid basis.

Our general terms and conditions

If you require further proof or certificates from Schütze + Seifert, we will be happy to provide them.

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